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Haggardstown Garden Centre

Ooni Premium Hardwood 5″ Oak Logs

Ooni Premium Hardwood 5″ Oak Logs

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Ooni Premium Hardwood 13cm (5″) Oak Logs are made from 100% oak hardwood from sustainable sources. Our hardwood kindling is free from chemicals, aromas or additives, for a pure fuel that infuses your dishes with all-natural flavours, and burns for longer.

Perfectly sized for Ooni Karu 12 and Karu 12G. Simply keep 5 or 6 pieces of kindling burning at a time for consistent heat. Each 7-8kg box will last enough to cook dozens of pizzas.

Our Oak Logs are kiln dried and FSC certified. Please note wood logs are a natural product that comes in varying shapes and sizes. What you receive may differ from the images shown on this page, but they will fit and fire your oven regardless.

  • Box Dimensions: 27cm x 27cm x 25.5cm
  • Unboxed size: Average log length 13cm (5″)
  • Store in a safe and dry place, away from open fires.
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